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thepornosseuse's Journal

The Pornosseuse Report
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A community for ladies and guys who think porn is just fuckin' hilarious
Welcome to The Pornosseuse. Although this started as a one-woman job, I'd love to see how other people deal with the oh-so-hilarious subject of pornography. If you'd like to be one of the writers here at the Report, please comment here.

Favourite genre:
Favourite pornography:
How often do you think you'll post?:
How did you hear about the Report?:

And here are the rules of engagement as posted in my journal:

1. NONE of the entries will be work-safe. They all contain screen-caps from the pornographies reviewed, so there is nudity and extremely, well, pornographic content.

2. You should be over 18 to view this, or however old the age is in your country.

3. These reviews are not at all serious or anything, but if you're not wanting the "plot" of the movie to be revealed, you might not want to read the reports. They're quite comprehensive.

4. If you have a movie you'd like reviewed, just leave a comment about it.

5. pornosseuse's source for pornography is URentDVDs. They have a huge selection and great prices. If you decide to sign up, please use the referral code 175102-41487 and pornosseuse will get a free month of rentals. More free months, more random pornography reviews.

6. This is for fun and we do it because we enjoy sarcasm and have an amusing relationship with pornography. Just enjoy it, guys.

Our Reviewers
pornosseuse - Alice - 1970s and 1980s classics
sitha_comwatch - Sitha - Japanese AV
arianbrightside - GirlCalledKill - Alt, gonzo